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When I got engaged I was completely lost and had no idea where to even begin planning a wedding. Anna Katherine was there for me every step of the way. She traveled around town with me to visit different vendors and made sure we always got the best prices. Unlike me, she knew the right questions to ask!

Kate Steele

Anna Katherine was our saving grace on not only our wedding day, but the whole week leading up to it and throughout the entire planning process. She helped us focus on what WE wanted rather than what everyone else expected out of a wedding. Every time we doubted or altered our plan she was there to support, encourage, and remind us that the only thing that truly mattered was that we were married! She checked in all week leading up offering to help wherever and whenever and made us feel like we truly had someone we could call no matter what issue or question arose. I can’t imagine planning a wedding or any event without her!

Jolie Hughes

Not sure how I would have functioned as a bride without Anna Katherine’s vast knowledge and experience about local businesses here in Memphis! She took care of so much and I will forever be grateful for her help! Highly recommend for your special day. She will not let you down.

Margaret Esrael

When my husband and I eloped in 2013 we knew we still wanted to include our friends and family in our joy and have a reception after the fact. Anna Katherine was such an integral part of making this the personal family and friends occasion of my dreams! There was no task too small or too big for her. When the weather threatened us with rain, she went out and made sure we had tents. When I needed centerpieces, this woman turned a pile of flowers into works of art. When I needed bartenders, she had a list of qualified, friendly, and affordable bar staff. When I had no idea what cocktails to serve, she came up with specialized bride and groom cocktails (with fresh mixings personally made by her!) When I had no idea how much food or what kind of food to get, she was there with well thought out advice, realistic pricing expectations, and a menu to top all menus. She did all of this and so much more, WHILE having another full time job. I can’t imagine the kind of service lucky brides and grooms get now that she’s able to do this for a living.

Casey Canady

This woman! When I tell you that she was my favorite vendor for my wedding that is an understatement. My husband and I got married in 2015 and she was in charge of our rehearsal dinner at Aldo’s downtown. We met with her once and went over everything from food to beverages to the aesthetic and Anna Katherine knocked it out of the park. It was stunning!! To this day not only do people still talk about our wedding but they talk about our rehearsal dinner too. I was never once stressed or overwhelmed during the planning of our wedding because I worked with amazing professionals like Anna Katherine. She is someone who will not only be there for you every step of the way during your wedding season but throughout your life. She and I still keep in contact and I just can’t say enough great, positive things about her. When you work with people who have a beautiful soul...pure magic happens!

Lauren Langfield