Family by Choice, Forever by Love!

When my dearest and most wonderful soul sister Theresa Ingram, asked me to be a part of her special day my heart leapt with pure joy. My body was overcome with happiness, not only because of the wonderment that is Theresa, but because of the vibe and style of celebration I knew she would create for her favorite people to enjoy. 

Partnering with some our very favorite peeps over at The Warmth Around You, we knew that Cassie and Michael would knock these photos out of the park given their amazing work and the style of the day. Cassie has also shot one of Theresa’s home births with babe Lettie, the nugget you see wheeled down in this super cute wagon, could you just die!?!?!

Having this already intimate life-capturing relationship between them, when TCB got asked to join the mix we were entirely too pumped to complete the tribe! Theresa opted for one of my favorite types of weddings, an intimate backyard ceremony and reception at her Grandmother's home just over the Fayette County line. Every detail of this day represented this couple perfectly, from the colored mismatched pressed glasses, to the family and friends that helped out to produce several major elements of the day, down to watching Theresa lace up her combat boots right before she walked down the aisle to Black Sabbath!!

As a child of multiple divorces and several forced and unhealthy mixed family situations, watching the type of mom Theresa chooses to be has been healing for me to even witness. The way she brought Kevin into their family; the way the girls were the biggest part of the service other than the exchanging of vows. Theresa even had her dress altered so she could nurse throughout the party without needing to hide away from family and friends. 

This work isn't JUST about throwing parties and planning awesome weddings, it's about walking with souls as they walk towards these HUGE all-encompassing moments. Choosing to love someone for forever doesn't always look like what you think it will, it creates a before and an after moment in your life, where the POWER of your choice changes who you were going to be. You aren't just yourself with this unattached bloom of possibility charging forth at each moment, you've planted a seed in someone else's soul, and if allowed to take root and held with care and the utmost love, what grows in the after is a blessing, I hope all are lucky enough to experience!!

For my sweet Theresa who had such extra treacherous waters to navigate, to ensure all the souls of her already blooming family are happily sheltered, you honor me every day by being you! For every time you chose the girls over the chance at a boyfriend, for every time you chose them over your own happiness until a soul worthy of ALL of you truly presented itself, I celebrate you with this utmost gratitude, respect and appreciation!! For Kevin, thanks for being a soul that is deserving of such a bright shiny star, and her little constellation. Your stoic nature and prolific steadiness are the tree of life grounding force for this family, you're as we say in Jewish culture, "such a person!"

Kevin and Theresa had a family friendly celebration with the babes of their dear friends rounding out the guest list. While the littles played in the crisp fall air, the grown folks kept the after-party brief, allowing guests to actually enjoy a meal and drinks without having the evening drag on with those weird low points that some suuuuper long receptions are prone to have. 


Watching you, my sweet friend, is an honor this life spoils me with, and I am graced to be involved in the smallest way in your NEW family creation!! Cheers to the strength of women who know their worth, raising women who are the conquerors of their own hearts, minds and eventually the whole world!!