When Best Friends Wed at Lichterman Nature Center, Magic Is In the Air!!!

One Part High School Reunion+One Part Love+One Part Rockin' Dance Off=

The Perfect Recipe for Wedding Magic!!!

When my friend Katie Recker asked me to help with her wedding to my long-time buddy "Matty C", aka Matt Cantrell, I knew it would be one for the books! Katie and Matty have a lot of similarities to my sweetheart and me, like their entire group of friends being mutual, and being together for more than 5+ years before getting married. Due to this I knew this wedding would truly be a PARTY! These kids follow Widespread Panic with a huge group of friends, and they annually go on the Jam Cruise to celebrate all the good things life has to offer us. 
Katie and I worked together to refine her plan, which initially called for the whole party to take place under the pavilion, where we ended up doing her ceremony. Memphis weather kept changing its mind and being uncooperative so we flipped our plan and placed the reception inside Lichterman's Welcome Center.  While this caused some moments of heartache and regret for Katie, we worked together to form a plan that Katie could envision and still felt like HER day.  
One of the things we focus on most at TCB, is creating unique and intimate feeling ceremony spaces, even with a wedding of 300+ guests!
The rush of goodness that overcame my body watching and hearing their wedding guests literally CHEER as Katie walked down the aisle to their favorite Panic jam will be something I forever cherish. Over and over during the planning process I reassure brides of THIS exact moment, where all the uh-ohs, fear and worry fall away, when you walk down the aisle to your person, see it coming in slow, and allow the LOVE of all the people that love you to lift you to the highest heights your body will know!  To be able to deliver this moment in reality is our greatest accomplishment at TCB!!!
This BIG reminder that LOVE is the most powerful choice we can make, it's the single most precious thing we can give, is the reason we do this work! Katie and Matty love BIG and their people love them BIG right back, and we were honored to be included in your most intimate moments. 
After their dear friend Mike delivered a perfectly tailored ceremony, the party began and man did it ROCK! We danced the night away to Freeworld and DJ JJ, we ate amazing catering from Patrick's, we drank, we had a ball! We married two most awesome best friends who will serve as a remarkable example to people of what it means to be pair bonded and to LOVE out LOUD because, "Ain't Life Grand!?!?"