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Hello friends! My name is Anna Katherine Colomb, and I am the CEO/Founder of TCB Company. I am humbled to have you here reading about my head long jump into running my own business as a woman under 35!
After 14+ years in the restaurant/events businesses I finally got BRAVE and made the leap to start TCB Company. TCB isn't just a weddings and events company. We're about Taking Care of Business and executing your vision without the stressful BS, by providing more thoughtful and detailed service than our competitors. There are lots of talented weddings, events, and design businesses in Memphis, so what sets TCB  apart?
TCB is MORE than a planning service. We'll help you figure out your overall design identity, so we can use your budget in SMART ways, this allows you to walk away with life-long keepsakes of your day and items to use in your home that will fondly remind you of those most special moments with the people you love.
We aren't just here for in house floral/event design and execution, we are truly honored, truly humbled by your choice to trust TCB with your life cycle moments! When you choose TCB, you become family to us, you let us in, even for a second to your hopes and dreams, your vulnerabilities, your concerns, your fears, you share with us your most precious times and those are the greatest treasures you could offer us in this life, a glimpse at YOU! We don't just share a vision, we share a promise to let love shine forth with everything we do, in the simple way we speak with the vendors we interact with, or the moments you let us be the shoulder to cry on. 
We don't just share the love with our clients, we share the love with all employees both full and part time. TCB believes in the teamwork necessary for success, we know there has been almost nothing we have accomplished alone. We know that we are only able to make clients so happy because of the hard work of each and every member of TCB and we believe in sharing 15% net profits with employees. TCB believes it's important to honor hard work with a share of the pie, a pie we couldn't begin to bake alone! 
We look forward to throwing a party that not only meets your design expectations, but one that creates the feeling and atmosphere you've always imagined for your day. We are humbled by being allowed into these corners of your life, where hopes and dreams become reality and life is always worth celebrating, and for that we simply say, Thank You!!!
All my love and perfect party wishes,
Anna Katherine Colomb